We may be known for providing reasonable trade show displays, but we’re also specialists in outdoor displays, too. Our outdoor display flags are portable, long-lasting and allow you to capture potential customer’s attention for years to come. At National Trade Show Displays, our full-kit flags come single-sided and include both a left and a right […]

For this blog, our team sat down and combined our knowledge and powers to share the things we’ve learned attending trade shows over the years, with you. One topic that kept coming up, was how the industry has changed over the years, but being prepared never goes out-of-style. What’s in our trade show tool kit? […]

Charles Beshears, Owner of National Trade Show Displays. Every time I visit a trade show, I walk around with friends and we observe the plethora of different booths – we always see something interesting. As we walk through the narrow and sometimes crowded isles, we see different companies that have gone the custom displays route. […]

Being an exhibitor at a trade show is one of the best ways to promote your business to your target demographic. Research also tells us, that trade shows are one of the number one sources for decision makers. And why wouldn’t they be? At trade shows you’re able to interact with both your potential customers, as […]

It’s a very exciting time here at National Trade Show Displays! With so many new products coming out, we thought it would be great to take the time to talk about them, and how you can use them in your business. Embrace push-fit fabric collapsible displays have added linking inline and stacking display kits to […]

As a business owner, it can be difficult to find interesting and efficient ways to promote your business at trade shows. The struggle of having to lug around huge banners and then take the time to set them up can take away from the time you need to advertise your business. However, the Formulate Essential […]

Hiring promotional models at trade shows can greatly benefit many companies in terms of lead generation and sales. However, many companies are still very hesitant about hiring promotional models (I used to fall into this category). That is, until you realize the difference between booth babes and professional promotional models.

Although trade shows have loyal followers, there are still many people who refuse to exhibit at trade shows. Trade shows have gotten a bad reputation that they are too expensive, that it’s a dying industry, and that they don’t bring in sales. We’re here to debunk these common trade show misconceptions and prove, once and for all, […]

Many exhibitors travel to attend trade shows in another city or even another country for additional sales/marketing opportunities. However, many exhibitors resort to unhealthy choices while out of the office. Here are 5 tips on how to stay healthy when traveling for trade shows.