5 Simple steps to increase your trade show booth traffic

Anyone who’s ever attended a trade show knows that the competition from the noise, competing retractable banner stands, smash hitting popup displays and the guttural yells of salesmen desperately trying to get the attendees’ attention (not to mention the wild hunt to find the best giveaways) which can make it hard to attract visitors to your booth.  So here are some simple steps you can take before the commotion starts to make sure you draw the most visitors to your booth.

1. Hype Your Appearance

Post announcements of your upcoming appearances on your company home page and blogs.  Provide a link to the trade show website on your company webpage as soon as you know you’ll be attending.  And of course If you social network (which I know you do), promote your appearance on sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and others. Just be sure not to over hype it which could cause potential new clients to not stop by your booth. Put up outdoor banners and posters to let the people who do not have social media sites or just do not have the time to get online to see that you are attending an upcoming event in their area.

2. Prizes/Contests

Announce any exciting raffles, prizes, gift bags or special demonstrations before the event that you will be bringing to give away.  Everyone loves FREE stuff – if they know in advance that you have enticing goodies, they’ll make a beeline to your booth.  Give away the giveaways in a fun and interesting manner to keep the attendees’ attention at your booth. Don’t do this however if you’re on a budget and can’t afford the quality giveaways of the past.   For example, if they know you’re giving away free pens and a company name tag and the booth three aisles away is raffling away a car…need I say more?

3. Bring New Products

Got a new product that is almost ready?  Try to launch it around the time of your next trade show appearance. Purchasing a new popup display and pull-up banner stands are a great way to show the new product even better along with displaying it for people to see.  Updating your display graphics is key if you haven’t done so in a while.  Even if it’s still in the testing stage bring the test product along it is something to sell the clients on, like a presentation of its new features, new product banners and even iPads stands to see the new product digitally makes your presentation more compelling.  If you aren’t sure what to bring we will work together to find the right solution for your display needs.

4. Advance Notice

Make all your trade show announcements far enough in advance so customers who want to attend have time to make travel arrangements. Send out reminder emails that you will be at the trade show for them. People who were on the fence about attending may decide to go after all because they want to see demonstrations of your latest products and services. If you ask, many trade show organizers will give you a list of attendees who register for the event and you can use this information to contact potential customers to help to create that buzz you need. Also, make sure you are ready in advance by having your new or revamped popup booths and banners ready so you’re not struggling at the last minute to get things together. Who needs last minute surprises? Let us take care of it for you!

5. Schedule Appointments

Find out if there are good customers in or near the town your trade show is located and be sure to make appointments with them that will be conducted at the trade show.  Contact representatives at their company to see if they want to have a one-on-one with you.  It’s a good way to get your key customers to the event and show them your new products. Solid advance work into making these appointments needs to go into getting them interested in your company so that when they see your booth there is an immediate brand recognition and they are excited about their appointment with your company.

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