7 ways to integrate technology at trade shows

Stay up-to-date by using technology at trade shows. Here are 7 ways to integrate technology at your next trade show to stay competitive and relative!

Trade shows have been around for hundreds of years, with businesses wanting to showcase new products to increase sales. In order to compete at trade shows and stand out from your competitors, here are 7 ways to integrate technology at your next trade show.

  1. Lead capturing apps: Because you’re likely to meet hundreds of people in a short amount of time, it’s good to use one of the many apps available to help keep track of leads. This way, your leads are organized and you won’t lose them (like you might lose business cards). It’s helpful to write notes about the client, what products they were interested in, and try to set up a time that you can follow up with them.

Handshake is paving the way for online and mobile platforms for businesses. By using their services, businesses are able to easily take orders from their mobile devices and can also have a digital catalog. Because of their expertise, they suggested a number of different apps for lead capturing that range in prices and services offered.

2) TV Monitor: By having monitors at your trade show, you can play videos that show how your products are made, informational videos on how to use your product or have testimonials playing. Videos usually grab the attention of those walking by. If you’re busy with one client, the other customers can watch a video in the meantime. Many people are hesitant to purchase a monitor or a display but it’s easier than you think! You can purchase a display with a monitor mount and rent a monitor at the trade show or from a third party company. For example, Smart Source Rentals says that one of the benefits of renting a monitor is that “your business has the most current technology without the demands of transporting or upgrading equipment.”

3) iPads/tablets: Use iPads/tablets and have them set up towards the front of your booth. They’re good to use to have people fill out contact forms, do surveys, play games, or look at online catalogs and products. We have iPad display stands available which help secures it during the trade show so that you don’t have to worry about safety. They’re good investments for companies because they get to connect with people at a trade show and it makes it so that exhibitors don’t have to use their personal mobile devices for business.

4) Digital marketing materials: There’s a number of benefits from using digital brochures, handouts, and catalogs. By emailing marketing materials rather than printing them, you can be eco-friendly, save money by avoiding printing costs, and if you tell your clients you’ll email them a brochure, it gives you an excuse to follow up with them with permission. Also, because many people are traveling when they attend a trade show, they’re likely going to throw away any printed marketing materials so they don’t have to carry them.

5) Social Media: Connect with clients, advertise your booth, or create contests by using social media. Social media can help you reach more people and to start to develop a communication path with them. There’s different ways to use social media at trade shows. You usually have seconds to grab the attention of exhibitors walking by, but by using social media you’re able to reach a bigger audience.

6) Charging stations. If there’s something that people can’t go without, it’s their cellphones. Many business people that are attending trade shows are having to travel during work hours, which means they’re having to check emails, texts, and make phone calls while at the trade show to stay connected. Charging stations provide something that is necessary to them and they’ll have a positive impression of you if you helped solve a problem they had. Use the charging stations to advertise as well, placing your logo and brand colors to make it stand out.

7) Photo booths or green screens: If you want to have something fun that will make people come to your booth (and if you have the budget for it), hire someone to bring a photo booth or green screens. People like taking pictures and you can bet that if they have a picture of themselves, they wont throw them away like they might do with other promotional items. Place a small watermark with your company logo or info so that they remember you.


These are some of the ways you can use technology at trade shows. Do you know of any other ways you can integrate technology at trade shows?

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