8 things to take into consideration when purchasing a trade show display

You’ve made the decision to attend a trade show, naturally, finding a trade show display is next! As you start doing your research on which display you might want to purchase, you realize there are hundreds of options out there. Here are 8 things to take into consideration when purchasing a trade show display. By choosing the right display, you’ll stretch your budget and have the highest impact possible.

  1. What size is your booth space?

When you register for a trade show, you have different options for booth spaces. The most common ones are 10 X 10 ft, 10 X 20 ft, or 20 X 20 ft.  The booth space that you choose will have a large impact on the display you buy. For example, if you go with a large booth space, you’ll likely want a large display such as the 20 ft Serpentine Pop-up Display that will make a statement in the large area and create some flow. You don’t want to spend money on a large booth space and then have wasted space. It’s better to save money and have a well organized, filled booth space.

Make sure you check the height regulations as well, which is something many people forget about. If you’re thinking about adding any hanging features or are having large displays such as a truss system, make sure to check ahead of time to see if there are any restrictions and reserve a booth space that is large enough.

2. Whats your budget?

Although this is an obvious question, it’s something that you should always be aware of. Talk to the customer service representative of the companies that are selling the displays and ask them for their recommendation of what would suit your company with your budget. They are professionals in the field and have experience with many clients. Make sure to look around and see if there are any discounts on their website on specific products as well.

3. Will you be exhibiting by yourself or with a team?

When you attend a trade show, you are probably stressing out about many different things, especially if you’re a one-man (or woman) team. If you’re going to be by yourself, you might want to choose a display that is easy to set up. For example, a tension fabric display might be a bit easier to put up by yourself than another type of display. However, if you know you’re going to have a team with you at the trade show’s you attend, you can look at displays like the Coyote Pop-Up Display (which is also our most popular) because of the sharp, clear images on the panels.

4. Do you need to travel often for your trade show?

Some companies like to attend only local trade shows, while other companies will be traveling all over the US. To be budget conscientious, you might want to choose a more affordable and smaller display because this might save you money on shipping in the long run.

Many of the trade show displays available come with a carrying case but it is meant to be used for everyday storage. If you’re going to be shipping your display and traveling often, invest on a hard shipping case that can serve as a counter but that will also last longer. According to Ebay, “Trade show displays receive a lot of rough treatment from shippers, customers, and those setting them up. To ensure a longer life for the display, make sure that it can be securely packed. Look for trade show displays with cases that have separate spaces for each display component and avoid tucking non-display components into trade show display cases.

5. Choose a professional company.

Although you should stick to your budget, remember that you get what you pay for and quality should always be a key factor. We put an emphasis on quality because many times people are so concerned about the budget that they’d rather get 5 cheap items when they could be getting 3 quality items that look a lot nicer and that will last longer. Look for a reputable company that will make you look good.  According to Laura O’Donell, “The workmanship and quality of a display cannot be faked. Inexpensive booths purchased online might look good for the first show, but won’t last through additional ones.” Purchase a display from a company that offers quality products that will make you look more professional and make a better impression on attendees.

6. How well do you think you’ll take care of your display?

Most displays last about 5 years, or at least they should. We have seen companies who have to replace their graphics or parts after every trade show because they have been damaged or lost. Be honest, you know whether you take the time to carefully put everything away after a trade show or whether you throw everything into the case and bags and tell yourself you’ll fix it later. If you know that you don’t want to worry about displays that are more delicate, you might want to choose something like a fabric display that can be washed if it gets dirty, won’t easily tear, and you can steam if it gets any wrinkles.

7. Are you going to have someone professionally design it?

If you’re paying someone to design your display, you might want to get a large display that has back lighting that will really make your design stand out. If you didn’t plan ahead and just want to put up your logo, contact information, and don’t have a design, you might be better off just buying a banner stand or something affordable and wait to buy a nice, large display until you have a design you’re proud of.

8. Do you change out your information often?

If your company is constantly coming out with new products and you have to change out your graphics often, you might want to find a display in which the graphics can be replaced easiliy but that is also affordable. For example, you can put general company information on your table throw or 10 ft display but you should put the information that you change often on a banner stand.

We recommend you start choosing the display a month or two before the trade show so that you aren’t panicking trying to find something last minute. Take your time to do your research and take these 8 things into consideration.  Find a trade show display that will attract attendees and that will make you stand out. If you need variety, free shipping, and outstanding customer service, call us at 972-353-8008 for a quote!


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