9 Inexpensive Ways To Thank Your Customers

With the holidays coming up, many businesses are taking the opportunity to thank their customers for their business throughout the year. However, businesses don’t have to wait until Thanksgiving to show their appreciation!

There are many simple and inexpensive ways that businesses can give thanks to their customers every single day. It’s the small gestures that get noticed and that help build strong relationships and build loyalty.

Here are 9 inexpensive ways to thank your customers:

  1. Give handwritten thank you cards. We are so used to communicating through phone, email, or social media that sending out handwritten cards is something out of the ordinary. Sending a handwritten thank you card will be much more appreciated than a mass email because your customer will know that you took the time to write to them personally. You can send thank you cards after every sale or after your provide a service to them. Let them know that you enjoyed working with them and that you hope to work with them again in the future. Make sure you address them by name, mention something specific about how you have worked together and ask for their feedback. As you write your handwritten card, make sure you write like you would to a friend, without any complicated business jargon- what makes a handwritten card special is that it is authentic.
  2. Discounts. Not only can you offer special discounts during the holidays but you can also offer special discounts for loyal customers. By offering a discount that is only open to them, they’ll feel that it pays off to work with you and will continue to do so. This will also allow you to be competitive with those businesses that might have lower prices or sales.
  3. Offer How To’s and Tips: One way to show that you appreciate them as a client is to try to make their life better. Make a video tutorial or write a blog about a common problem people in your industry are having and give them a step by step guide on how to solve it.
  4. Host low-key Events. Host a Thanksgiving dinner, cocktail hour or have an open house where business people can come and socialize. While they’re there, give them a tour of your facility or show them new products. This will provide you with an opportunity to spend more time with them in a relaxed environment that you might not otherwise have the chance to have.
  5. Incorporate giving. Many companies like working with those business that are doing something for charity. Whether it be for a month or permanently, have a part of your proceeds from sales go to the charity of your choice. If you are not able to give monetary donations, try to volunteer with a charity and invite others to volunteer with you. You’ll feel good about helping those in needs and it is also great PR. Your customers will feel proud to work for a company that is involved and dedicated to helping.
  6.  Use Social Media. Use social media to your advantage and socialize with people, either through sharing their posts or liking their status. If they tweet at you, whether positively or negatively, make sure to respond as soon as you can. You can also host social media contests where they are entered to win a prize if they like your posts. This is a way to thank them for following you and wanting to stay updated about what your business is up to.
  7. Show off your customers. Whether it be through social media outlets such as Facebook or a section of your website, highlight your clients, their services and why you value them. They will appreciate that you are promoting their services plus, recommending them is one of the highest compliments you can give someone.
  8. Send them treats. Depending on the size of your business client, send their office donuts, bagels, or any other treats they may enjoy. Everyone at the office will appreciate the free food and they’ll remember you.
  9. Offer amazing customer service.  Last, but certainly not least (might even be the most important), one of the best ways to show you appreciate your customers is by offering great customer service, day in and day out. Work ethically and try to solve issues as soon as they arise. By showing your customers that you value them as customers, value their time, and are really there to help them, they’ll learn that this is what sets you apart from other competitors.


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