About Our Charity Trade Show Challenge

We just wrapped up our First Charity Trade Show Challenge and we are happy to announce our winner! For the past two weeks, seven charities have competed for a chance to win a “Quickwall Retractable Banner Stand Display.”


National Trade Show Displays came up with the idea for this competition as a way to give back to charities in our community. We wanted to focus on charities that were really making a difference but that sometimes didn’t receive as much attention as the large charities that you usually hear about.

We spent weeks looking for the ones we wanted to invite to participate and we were very satisfied with the outcome.

The seven Charities that participated were the Parker Lee Project, Irving Healthcare Foundation, REAL School Gardens, Hope Center 4 Autism, Cornelia de Lange Syndrome (CdLS) Foundation, Color Me Empowered, and the Catholic Charities of Dallas.

The rules for the competition were simple. They would post on their blog or on their social media pages why they deserve to win our Quickwall Banner Stand Display System. Once they posted, they then asked their supporters to vote daily on our website. Voting was open for two weeks, from Wednesday, August 25 to September 9 and the charity with the most votes would win! 

This display would help charities promote their services when they attend events, conferences, trade shows or even to just have at the office. We didn’t want anyone to leave empty handed, so we decided that every charity participating would still receive our table top banner stand.


CDLS Foundation

The winner of our Charity Competition (with over one thousand votes) was the Cornelia de Lange (CdLS) Foundation. The CdLS Foundation helps ensure early and accurate diagnosis of CdLS, promotes research, and offers support to those affected with CdLS. Those that supported the CdLS foundation posted on their own Facebook pages, twitter pages and made sure to vote every day. One of their supporters said, “We are voting for the cdls foundation because they support families of a very rare genetic syndrome and they don’t get the publicity like other, well known agencies get.” They hope to use their display to help educate people about this rare disorder. 

Throughout the two weeks, we saw an out-pour of support for ALL of the charities.We hope to continue this tradition and hold another charity competition again in the future! We are fortunate to have had the chance to interact with these charities and we hope that these displays will support them as they continue to spread the word about their charity! 

If you would like to learn more about the other charities, feel free to contact them directly:

The Parker Lee Project: Helps families of children with medical needs obtain medical supplies, education, and support.

Irving Healthcare Foundation: Provides safe, compassionate quality healthcare.

REAL School Gardens: Builds gardens in low-income schools and spends 3 years training teachers to use them to boost academics.

Hope Center 4 Autism: Enables children on the autism spectrum and their families to live more fully functional lives.

Color Me Empowered: Provides programming that empowers children and neglected communities through implementation of civic art.

Catholic Charities of Dallas: Multi-program, social service provider that includes support through a food pantry, immigration and legal services, empowerment services and much more.


Prizes for participants (Table Top Banner Stands):

Color Me Empowered IMG_3879 IMG_3909 IMG_3910

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