Biggest Cosplay & Gaming Conventions

Thinking about attending or exhibiting at a cosplay or gaming convention? Well before you do, suit up! Cosplay and gaming conventions are known for their ultimate fandom and intricate costumes. Fans from around the world attend conventions like ComicCon or GenCon. In 2012, hosted Celebration VI, which was attended by thousands of fans; about 35,000 people! If your audience is one that can be found at one of these conventions, here are five of the biggest cosplay and gaming conventions to attend and tips to make your exhibit real in a crowd of fiction.

  1. Anime Los Angeles: Get a more intimate crowd than you would be attending the similarly build Anime Expo. Anime Los Angeles has more of an emphasis on cosplay but still has a large turnout!
  2. Japan Expo USA: It’s like enjoying Europe in America; Japan Expo is also held in California and brings a variety of audiences ranging from foreigners to locals alike.
  3. Anime Central: Consider this the Midwest’s largest Japanese pop-culture convention, playing host to more than 30,000 attendees. People who love gaming, movies, educational panels and Japanese guests love flying from all around the nation to this convention.
  4. Gamescom: With roughly 335,000 visitors, 6,000 journalists and 700 exhibitors (in 2014), it’s no wonder that Gamescom is considered one of the largest gaming events in the world! If you’re in the digital industry or have something innovative to share, you may have a lot to do to stand out in this crowd but this targeted crowd makes your attendance well worth it.
  5. GenCon: Held in Indianapolis, IN, this convention started in 1968 with tabletop games, RPGs, card games, strategy games and board games and today, their convention also includes the computer game arena.

How to K.O. With Your Exhibit

Make the booth look like the boss to beat with these tips on rocking your next gaming or cosplay convention:

    • Tell a Story. Use visuals with your pop-up displays or booths to tell a story. The foundation of all gaming and cosplay conventions is that the comics or games tell stories which the readers and players relate to.
    • Prep your Business Cards. Make it short and sweet. Players and other exhibitioners don’t have time to lolly-gag, especially at conventions where there is a lot of visual interest…everywhere. Hand out your business card with a quick pitch and you’re good to go. Onto the next level.
    • Evaluate your Booth Space. Booth space alone can quickly add up—make is as visually interesting as possible with displays that say who you are in a few short words.
    • Interact in the Social Space. Your audience is highly digitally motivated, so be sure to mark your pop-up displays and booths with your social media urls—this makes it easy for attendees to share photos of your awesome exhibit and product.

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