Brand Loyalty Pops Up on the Trade Show Floor

Brand loyalty has long been a cornerstone of good marketing, but in today’s highly competitive market, its importance is only increasing. Last spring Forbes interviewed Jeff Mancini, Director of Digital Strategy for Interbrand on the subject of building brand loyalty. “Strong brands are working to deepen the relationship with their consumers,” said Mancini. Trade shows not only offer a venue for relationships to spark and grow, but they counter every pitfall of marketing which Mancini mentioned:

  1. Don’t Sell

    This may seem counter intuitive in the world of business, but today’s consumers are wary of anything that reeks of marketing.  When you set up your pop-up display on the trade show floor you create a space where you can engage with your customers.  This face to face engagement creates the good will which fosters brand loyalty. Whether you are engaging  a customer for the first time at your trade show booth, or inviting an existing customer to visit your pop-up display once they arrive at the event, you are building those relationships that create brand loyalty and yield you valuable word of mouth marketing.

  2. Don’t Pawn

    Direct engagement with customers and clients is key. Just as important as your eye catching retractable banner stands is a well trained staff that is knowledgeable about your company or products.  From the trade show booth, you can get customer feedback, answer questions, and introduce your newest products.  This direct exchange between company and client empowers customers and builds value for your products.

  3. Don’t Conform

    Today’s customers value experiences. Experiences keep customers engaged and get them talking. Today’s conferences and trade shows have become experiences in themselves as event promoters weave together media, technology, entertainment, education and the promise of cutting edge product debuts for attendees. Businesses have begun to boost traffic to their trade show booths with games and contests, or the addition of high tech interactive display elements.  Attendees seeking all the latest and greatest an industry has to offer will be on the trade show floor. The question becomes how will your pop-up display engage them and give them an experience worth remembering?

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