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Will your business be attending a trade show? If so, that’s great! You’ll need to prepare properly and buy the necessary equipment to make your booth stand out. However, that’s not what we want to focus on in this blog post. We want to inform you of new technology that will enhance trade show attendees’ […]

The trend of going green Going green is one of the biggest trends most companies are turning to in this day age age. No matter what their motivation is, it is extremely marketable. Nearly 20% of adults aged 18-29 said they are willing to pay “significantly more” for green goods and a whopping 76% of […]

If you are a tradeshow veteran, you’ve probably seen it all. You’ve seen the cluttered, messy, and visually busy booths that are appalling and stand out like a sore thumb. They hardly get any visitors because no one wants to visit or do business with a company that appears to be a mess. On the […]

Anyone who’s ever attended a tradeshow knows that the competition from noise, competing banners, eye-popping displays and the guttural yells of salesmen desperately trying to get attendees’ attention (not to mention the frantic hunt to find the best giveaways) makes it hard to attract visitors to your booth. With so much noise, so to speak, […]

Provide some variety at the trade show Do you have the budget to make your trade show display really stand out amongst the competition? Many people don’t have the time or money to spend on the best tech gadgets, graphic designers, stage crafters, or lavish giveaways. For some businesses, it is not fiscally responsible, and […]

Trade shows and exhibitions are social gatherings. Yes, they are instructional and promotional and informative, but they are all those things on top of a gathering of people looking to connect and interact. More and more the trade show floor is moving toward a more festive atmosphere as businesses, small and large alike begin to […]

How to Avoid Trade Show Failure It’s your first trade show, or it’s your last! Being prepared for your trade show makes the difference between success and failure. The preparation is only the beginning; getting to the trade show, hotel and flight bookings, literature on hand, the list goes on and on. Where does your […]

Choosing a Pop Up Display Vendor Pop-up display vendors are far and wide. There are many choices to consider (and not your cousin’s friend that owns a printing company!). Finding the right pop-up display supplier is not difficult, if you following the following simple rules.