Common Trade Show Mistakes: Part 2 – Choosing a Vendor

Choosing a Pop Up Display Vendor

Pop-up display vendors are far and wide. There are many choices to consider (and not your cousin’s friend that owns a printing company!). Finding the right pop-up display supplier is not difficult, if you following the following simple rules.


Your company probably already has marketing materials that address the message you want to convey in your pop-up display. Your graphics on your pop-up display should convey who you are, what you do, and what problem you can solve, all in a matter of seconds.

Pop-up display size

Going to small and you will hardly get noticed. Going to big (especially in a small booth size) maybe overkill. Seek a balance between the size of your booth and the sizing of your pop-up display. Vendors experienced with the booth/pop-up display size ratio will know what would work best. Consider how many and what type of events you will be attending. Many pop-up displays are modular, or have two or three main components. For a small show, use your standard, single pop-up display. For larger events and booth sizes, combine all of your pop-up displays to not only fill the space, but grab the passerby’s attention!

Easy storage and transportation

Many pop-up display vendors offer hundreds of options, but what you really need to consider is how EASY your new pop-up display is to store and transport. And don’t forget about how to set it up; this should be a 15 minute or less job.

Planning and Cost

Many shows require advanced booking for the event. You can avoid costly rush charges and expedited shipping charges by simply planning to have your pop-up display vendor what they need and on time.

What else does your pop-up display vendor offer?

Do you need lighting, exhibit trusses, floodlights, or literature racks? Look for companies experienced in all facets of trade show pop-up displays and the other items they sell to help complete your tradeshow exhibit.

For more information, a fast quote and turnaround on your trade show pop up display, contact us. And check out Part 3: Avoiding Trade Show Failure.

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