Common Trade Show Mistakes: Part 3 – Avoiding Trade Show Failure

How to Avoid Trade Show Failure

It’s your first trade show, or it’s your last! Being prepared for your trade show makes the difference between success and failure. The preparation is only the beginning; getting to the trade show, hotel and flight bookings, literature on hand, the list goes on and on. Where does your company begin? Let’s begin!

Pre-show marketing

Probably the single most important aspect of a successful trade show is the marketing effort put in before the show. Have your staff set specific appointments with current customers and new prospects. Determine the length of each meeting, an agenda and product/service demonstration for each meeting. Depending on your product or service offering, plan at least 30 minutes for each meeting with a fifteen minute buffer in between each meeting. Have your staff book as many meetings as possible, but also allow free time to handle walk-up attendees.

Set a budget!

Keep in mind the number of staff attending the show, hotel rooms, flight cost, meals and entertainment. Yes, entertaining your large customers is an essential part of a successful show, so be sure to include an entertaining budget. Also keep in mind the costs of shipping your pop up display trade show booth and storage at the show prior to booth setup. Do you need electricity for lighting, equipment, video equipment or your products? Always get more outlets than you need and at the right amperage.

Specialty advertising items

Giveaways like pens, koozies, umbrellas, etc., imprinted with your logo are a nice touch, so get that in your budget as well. Plastic tote bags are a great idea – make them a bright color, as some potential clients will wander the show just picking up all the free stuff. Blanket the whole show with your bags, and print your booth number on them! If you don’t want to pay $5 a bottle for water, throw in 3 or 4 cases of bottled water to ship with your trade show booth display. This not only saves you and attendees money, but with your logo printed on the water bottles, attendees will spread the word there is free water at your booth!

Booth size and location

How do you decide on a booth size? Depending on your budget, an island booth on the main traffic lanes and close to the front entrance of the event space is best, but costly. Look at where your competitors are located and decide if you want to be next to them to draw in some of their traffic! Another idea is to split a large booth space with another complimentary company to keep the cost down. Some shows allow splitting a large booth size with another company.

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