Should I invest in a custom trade show booth?

Charles Beshears, Owner of National Trade Show Displays. Every time I visit a trade show, I walk around with friends and we observe the plethora of different booths – we always see something interesting. As we walk through the narrow and sometimes crowded isles, we see different companies that have gone the custom displays route. Ordering a custom display is a very important decision that should be approached as a process rather than a one-time display. The thing I don’t like hearing anyone say, is that they can’t see themselves using their custom display for more than one-time. To design a successful trade show display, you need to think long-term, your display will have the ability to grow with you and your brand.
A custom designed exhibit can provide flexibility, increase booth traffic and offer event attendees an unforgettable experience. Trade shows are becoming more chic as more and more attendees look for the unique experiences that offer their visitors a deeper sense of who you are as a company and what you could bring to the future relationship. There’s a lot to consider when planning a custom booth design, and there are some common mistakes that can cost you even more. Spending extra time in the planning phase can help you design a booth that will not only meet your immediate trade show needs but continues to deliver over the life of the exhibit.
By now, you probably have ideas for what you’d like to see in your new exhibit. But it’s so important for us to hear what you need in terms of features, functionality, and content, not just colors and trends. Something you should ask yourself is, how do you want your exhibit to look on the trade show floor? If your goal is professional, then hire a good designer. Research them. How long have they been with the company? How long have they been designing trade show displays? Our design director has been with our company for over 5 years and has over 20 years of design experience. This is not the time to wing it! Designing a trade show booth is very different from designing other kinds of marketing collateral.

Companies that purchase exhibit pieces from us, typically use them for a minimum of four to five years. Let’s build a trade show display that will elevate your company’s trade show marketing plan. Some of the things we will consider as we help you design your booth are:
• How much flexibility do you need to change out messaging or layouts? Does this need to change for each show?
• Are you displaying merchandise at shows? Do you think you might expand into doing so over the next five years?
• What about space for demonstrating your products?
• Do you need interactive areas?
• Do you need room to mount monitors?
• What about room for storage?

We can help you anticipate what changes you might need to make over the next few years.

After you’ve thought through your custom booth design, you’ll be ready to start evaluating exhibit options that will meet those needs both current and future. This is one area where it’s easy to make an expensive mistake if you don’t compare with great care. All products are not created equal and neither are all companies. For your investment, make sure you calculate the true cost of ownership.

Things we tell our customers to take into consideration are:
• Freight costs
• Drayage
• In-and-out preparation
• Storage
• Installation and Dismantling
• Graphic update costs

Believe it or not, I still get asked if ownership is the best option. Once you have calculated the cost of ownership using our factors above, you can make the best decision for you as to whether ownership is the best value for your companies needs.

If after all your calculations you figure out that it is, give us a call. My solution specalists are standing by at 972.353.8008.

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