Most Important core values for brands to embody

Date shows what are the “Most Important core values for brands to embody.” Whether it be in the trade show industry or any other industry, quality and durability are the top most important core values for brands to embody. 

Recent data published by Marketing Charts and Havas Worldwide shows the “Most important core values for brands to embody.” This is data that is based on close to 10,000 adults across 28 markets in 2016. They were asked to indicate which five core values they thought to be most important.

most important core values for brands to embody

  • It is no surprise that Quality comes in as the number one core value that customers believe businesses should embody.  Customers want quality in both the products they’re purchasing and the type of customer service they receive. 

Customer usually consider products that are “high quality” to be products that are attractive, function properly, are made of superior materials, and serve the intended purpose. Similarly, customers also want quality in the type of customer service they receive. They want businesses to be attentive, to listen to their needs, and to resolve issues quickly. They don’t just want to be satisfied, they want to be “Wowed.” 

  • The second most important core values are reliability and durability. Businesses are budget conscious and many times see products as investments. They want to purchase items that are going to last them a long time and that won’t have to be replaced often (having to replace products frequently takes resources and time). 
  • Honesty and transparency come in third place. Customers want to work with companies that they like and trust. They want companies that communicate with their customers about their actions, services,and goals. They also want companies that if mistakes are made or if there’s an issue, they’ll resolve it quickly and efficiently. Customers want to get to know the employees and they want to be informed about the company.
    • Buffer is a great example of a company/brand that embodies transparency. Buffer often discusses their values, notifies customers when there are changes, and even discloses the salaries of all their employees. We aren’t saying that you need to disclose the salaries of your employees but it’s good to take pointers from Buffer because they have given their brand a personality. They’re successful because they are able to connect with customers in a deeper level and in turn, they’re seen as dependable and ethical.

Among the other values that customers look for in companies is generosity, innovation and fun. What qualities do you look for in companies? What core values do you try to embody so that your business stands out?


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