New Products: Formulate Fabric Displays

National Trade Show Displays has added new products to its website to offer customers more trade show display options. These new products are part of the Formulate Fabric Display line. Learn more to see if this trade show display is right for you! 

National Trade Show Displays currently offers a variety of display options, including Pop-Up Displays and Tension Fabric Displays. Although these two are very popular, there was a need for a display that was more lightweight and with fewer wrinkles on the fabric graphic.

The Formulate fabric display offers state-of-the-art zipper pillowcase dye-sublimated fabric coverings. It also comes equipped with a premium, lightweight aluminum structure that is built with quality and ease in mind.

Companies, government agencies, and non-profits are finding that trade show displays are an indispensable tool worth budgeting for when attending trade shows. Here are the benefits to purchasing a Formulate Fabric Display for your next trade show or conference. 

Benefits of Formulate Fabric Displays:

  • Different Size options: The formulate fabric displays come in the table top option, 8 ft, 10 ft, and 20 ft displays, which are sure to cover whichever size booth you have at a trade show. There is also an option to purchase a 20 ft display that is reconfigurable to two 10 ft displays, which covers your need for both large and small booth spaces. 
  • Pillowcase fabric display: The Formulates come with high quality pillowcase graphics. Because the pillowcase fabric display fits tight around the frame, there are fewer wrinkles and it has a smoother finish. The fabric display is a low-maintenance fabric that can be dry cleaned to remove any stains. 
  • Price: The formulate fabric displays are available in the economy line or premium line. The Economy Formulate display is very affordable and can be priced lower than the Pop up Display or Hop Up Displays. The economy comes with the aluminum tube frame which features bungee cords and rounded corners. If you want high-quality hardware for your display, the premium Formulate has a 30mm aluminum tube frame with snap button assembly. Even the premium formulate fabric displays are an affordable option.
  • Customization: Formulate Fabric Displays offer many additional options to customize your display. You can add a monitor mount and ladder, standoff tables, literature pockets, headers, shelves, and lights.  
  • Lightweight and easy to store: The formulate displays are light weight which makes them easy to carry and travel with. It will also save you money in the long run by lowering shipping costs over time.The display comes with a standard carry bag but can also be upgraded to purchase a shipping case that is more durable and that will protect your frame.
  • Warranty: The economy line comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty against manufacturer’s defects and the premium Formulate display has a lifetime warranty. Have the confidence in knowing that your display is covered if anything goes wrong with it. If you purchase a display and something does go wrong with it, you can always give us a call and we will take care of it for you, making it easy and convenient. . 

If you would like a custom quote, give us a call at 972-353-8008 and we’ll help you find the display that is right for you!

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