Conferences and trade shows offer many opportunities for professionals to speak to their attendees. There are a number of benefits that come along with the exposure you get from speaking at a conference, if only one is prepared to step outside of their comfort zone. Here are a few key points on why you should […]

If you’re trying to expand your social media efforts to promote your business, knowing the best and worst times to post is essential. Social media is no longer an option for businesses, it has become a necessity if you want to stand out from your competitors.

If you’re looking for unique ways to attract attendees to your booth, try these different game ideas. They’re sure to entertain attendees while creating a positive impression of your company. Plus, the more people that are at your booth, the more opportunities you’ll have to introduce them to your brand and products.

Many exhibitors enjoy attending trade shows held in a different city because it offers them a chance to travel and they can meet vendors and attendees they might otherwise not see.  Unfortunately, when you are traveling, the displays are usually very large and heavy that it is almost impossible for you to take the displays with you on the […]

There are hundreds of trade shows throughout the year, giving businesses more options to exhibit. However, not all trade shows are going to be a right fit for your company. Here are a few quick tips to help you decide which trade show is right for you so that all of your efforts pay off.

We just wrapped up our First Charity Trade Show Challenge and we are happy to announce our winner! For the past two weeks, seven charities have competed for a chance to win a “Quickwall Retractable Banner Stand Display.”

Don’t just “show up” to a trade show that you’re exhibiting at, make a statement! You can stand out from the crowd by having a display that looks great and that grabs the attention of attendee’s. We know that designing a trade show display can be overwhelming (there’s so many choices!) but we are here to […]

  Many business use social media as a way to connect and listen to their customers. Although trade show’s seem like a “traditional” form of doing business and social media is “new age,” they actually complement each other perfectly. By using social media while exhibiting at a trade show, you’re able increase your reach.