Thinking about attending or exhibiting at a cosplay or gaming convention? Well before you do, suit up! Cosplay and gaming conventions are known for their ultimate fandom and intricate costumes. Fans from around the world attend conventions like ComicCon or GenCon. In 2012, hosted Celebration VI, which was attended by thousands of fans; about 35,000 […]

First, we are going to assume that you’ve already chosen the trade show you plan on exhibiting. Second, we are going to assume you don’t have much experience (or any at all) with exhibiting. Third, don’t worry! There’s a lot to do but we’ve got you covered. In this 3-part series, we are going to […]

Industries are changing Most notably, marketing has changed drastically in the past few decades and much of it has moved to the internet. Should you be worried? No. Most businesses, still maintain a brick and mortar presence in the world. So, as long as you have your storefront, maybe a warehouse, and definitely a spiffy […]

Creative costuming, friendly competition and a chance to spend time with like-minded individuals all contribute to gaming’s popularity. Gaming is big and getting bigger. Back in 2008, Australia’s Herald Sun bragged about the 117,000 visitors to Game On in Melbourne. That same year, Game On brought 99,500 people to the Barbican Art Gallery in London […]

“Less is more,” stated by the influential 20th century architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. His Modernist approach to design seemed radical in its clarity and simplicity at the time, but his words have remained impressively relevant in our information age and the way we communicate. “Too much information” is a cry so common that […]

Anyone who’s ever attended a trade show knows that the competition from the noise, competing retractable banner stands, smash hitting popup displays and the guttural yells of salesmen desperately trying to get the attendees’ attention (not to mention the wild hunt to find the best giveaways) which can make it hard to attract visitors to […]

Collecting and Managing Your Leads From a Trade Show What’s one of the biggest reasons why businesses attend a trade show? I hope you said to collect and qualify sales leads. It doesn’t matter if you are selling a product or a service, your main goal should be to collect as many leads as possible. That […]

In order to understand how something works, it is sometimes useful to determine why it is needed in the first place. To truly conduct a significant trade show experience, one must understand the three key reasons why trade shows are still important. Trade shows are still the most cost-effective “face-to-face” marketing methods available today. Word […]