Phone Charging Stations at Your Trade Show Booth

Will your business be attending a trade show? If so, that’s great! You’ll need to prepare properly and buy the necessary equipment to make your booth stand out. However, that’s not what we want to focus on in this blog post. We want to inform you of new technology that will enhance trade show attendees’ satisfaction levels, and make them swarm to your booth. What is this technology we speak of?

Cell Phone Charging Stations

Think about it. People rely heavily on technology, namely their mobile devices, to stay connected. When one is at a conference for days on end, they tend to forget things like charging their phone. Once their phone battery runs out, business stops! They can’t access their emails, they can’t call their colleagues, and their life seems to come to a screeching halt. Attendees need phone charging stations to keep their devices fully charged throughout the entirety of the conference. A phone charging station (or stations) provides attendees a much needed resource and backup power to ensure they don’t run out of battery on their phone or tablet.

Not convinced? Here are a few ways that a phone charging station can help your booth.

Keep attendees at your booth longer

A lot of companies struggle to keep attendees at their booth. Why? Because they don’t give them an incentive to stay, other than talking. Even if you have gifts or swag bags to give away, patrons will simply use you until you give them the piece of swag.

Phone charging stations give attendees a legitimate reason to stay. And while they use your charging station, you can talk to them about your business or product. This helps you stay engaged with the attendee and they are more inclined to listen because you’re providing them a service they really need.

Build brand awareness

Trying to stand out amongst a group of hundreds at a trade show can be quite challenging. There always seems to be one or two companies that go above and beyond everyone else with their booth, which gets a lot of people talking. But usually those are huge companies with big budgets. Fortunately for you, a phone charging station is budget-friendly and it generates buzz amongst the trade show crowd. Attendees will know about the charging station(s) and if their phone is on the verge of dying, you can bet on them coming to your booth.

Not only will the trade show crowd know you have a charging station, you can customize your charging station with advertisements, QR codes, or just put your brand logo on there to reinforce brand awareness. Here’s an idea: If you want to gather email addresses for a giveaway promotion, include a QR code on the charging station that enables users to sign up online. That gives them an incentive to use your charging station and you get their contact information. Plus the attendee will be satisfied at how easy it was!

Easy way to start conversations

For some people, talking to strangers isn’t their strong suit. It takes some effort to get a natural conversation going, and having a phone charging station at your booth does just that. It’s a great way to begin a conversation because we’ve all experienced the pain of having a dead cell phone when you really really needed it.

Where can you get charging stations?

KwikBoost is one of the best providers of charging stations and all their products are made in the USA. They have several models, but their best model would be the M8 charging station. It allows up to 8 people to charge their phone at once. It comes with 4 apple chargers, 3 micro USB, and 1 mini USB cables to ensure it covers a variety of phones. They also do custom designs and shapes! They are highly recommended.

In essence, bringing a phone charging station can do wonders for your trade show booth. Everyone will know about it, attendees will love it, and your business will acquire more leads than anticipated. You don’t have anything to lose! And keep in mind you can use the phone charging station at your office, or any other event you go to in the future.

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