Stand Out Amongst the Trade Show Crowd

Provide some variety at the trade show

Do you have the budget to make your trade show display really stand out amongst the competition? Many people don’t have the time or money to spend on the best tech gadgets, graphic designers, stage crafters, or lavish giveaways. For some businesses, it is not fiscally responsible, and we understand that. So what steps can you take to make a budget friendly, creative solution for standing out at a trade show? Variety. You may be thinking, “why variety?” Good question. A single contrasting object can bring attention to your trade show booth in an incredibly budget-friendly way. Providing a unique banner or truss system that not only stands out amongst the other booths, but also shows off your product information, will be more easily catalogued and stored in the brain. Here are a couple of examples:

Variations on a theme

If your product has various aspects to showcase, or your service includes a number of steps, consider using multiple modular display pieces that are identical in form, but differ in their color shades. Or each piece could display an icon to demonstrate a different aspect of your product or service. Hop-up counters, pop up displays, banner stands, and table throws can all be used for a series of graphics. When one national health agency wanted to highlight the seven top health goals for their country, each goal was displayed on a tower with interior lighting. Seven pillars, each different shade of the rainbow topped with helium balloons, glowed against a black backdrop for a striking display.

The lone standout

Our eyes are drawn to contrast, so to make a graphic or piece of text pop out, you want to make it contrast boldly with its surroundings. It is a graphic technique that highlights a unique approach, or illustrates pride in being or doing things differently. It suggests a pioneer or maverick going against the tide. It’s most striking in large numbers so it may only work within the graphics of your displays banners. As on laundry chain discovered after a random error, just hanging your sign upside down can make you stand out.

If you need advice or direction on graphic design, National Trade Show Displays is more than happy to help you out. Not only do we have years of experience selling trade show equipment, but we also have years of experience with graphic design. If you are lacking creative direction, or don’t have any graphic designers to create a stand out display for you, get in touch. It’s only a small fee that can have a big impact.

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