Successful Mobile Museums

Mobile exhibits vary in shapes, sizes and purposes but the tools you use to exhibit can have the biggest impact on your marketing. The mobile museum is the perfect example of an interactive and effective way to deliver information about your products and services. Look to the Go van Gogh mobile museum from the Dallas Museum of Art, a school outreach program for elementary school children in North Texas, as the perfect combination of information delivery with hands-on integrative exhibits. One of the creators of the movable museum is the American Museum of Natural History in NYC with a program that’s been in operation since 1993.

Whether you’re traveling for educational purposes or to market your product, brand and service, there are a few tips to keep in mind before hitting the road with your company on wheels.

The Key to Successful Mobile Exhibits

If you plan on hitting the road with an exhibit trailer, expandable and non-expandable mobile marketing is your go to form of mobile (literally, and not the cell phone) marketing. Here are a few tips we stand by to ensure that your mobile marketing vehicle or exhibit is a success:

  1. Start with a good plan
    • Include a parallel tour website
    • Integrate social media into your tour
    • Know your audience
  2. Establish operational goals and objectives
  3. Choose your marketing vehicle
    • Large vehicle with customer interior, pop-up displays and features of a tradeshow exhibit?
  4. Enlist the help of a partner through the development process
    • Get PR assistance if needed
    • Acquire help finding a professional driver and reliable equipment
    • Get help from an experienced logistics team
  5. Make your messaging concise yet compelling

Although an educational program, the Susquehanna Art Museum VanGo! Museum on Wheels program implements these tips successfully by offering information in easy-to-understand formats. Since 1992, they have been bringing art to schools, retirement communities, festivals and businesses. They also include multimedia assembly program that provides important background information on the exhibit, artists and museum etiquette. Like the VanGo! Museum on Wheels Program, is your information so engaging and understandable that it can be tested across a variety of audiences?

All in all, simplicity is key when you are marketing on the road. Your vehicle already serves as an attraction; it’s up to you to create a user-experience with engaging pop-up displays, banners and informational stations to keep potential customers engaged.

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