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Hiring promotional models at trade shows can greatly benefit many companies in terms of lead generation and sales. However, many companies are still very hesitant about hiring promotional models (I used to fall into this category). That is, until you realize the difference between booth babes and professional promotional models.

Date shows what are the “Most Important core values for brands to embody.” Whether it be in the trade show industry or any other industry, quality and durability are the top most important core values for brands to embody. 

Stay up-to-date by using technology at trade shows. Here are 7 ways to integrate technology at your next trade show to stay competitive and relative!

You’ve made the decision to attend a trade show, naturally, finding a trade show display is next! As you start doing your research on which display you might want to purchase, you realize there are hundreds of options out there. Here are 8 things to take into consideration when purchasing a trade show display. By choosing […]

Part of the excitement of attending a trade show is being able to meet new people and “people watch.” It’s interesting to see how different individuals interact with you and the other vendors. There is a lot that one can learn from meeting these different types of people and it can help make you a better […]

Conferences and trade shows offer many opportunities for professionals to speak to their attendees. There are a number of benefits that come along with the exposure you get from speaking at a conference, if only one is prepared to step outside of their comfort zone. Here are a few key points on why you should […]

If you’re trying to expand your social media efforts to promote your business, knowing the best and worst times to post is essential. Social media is no longer an option for businesses, it has become a necessity if you want to stand out from your competitors.

First, we are going to assume that you’ve already chosen the trade show you plan on exhibiting. Second, we are going to assume you don’t have much experience (or any at all) with exhibiting. Third, don’t worry! There’s a lot to do but we’ve got you covered. In this 3-part series, we are going to […]