Trade Show Booths Going Green

The trend of going green

Going green is one of the biggest trends most companies are turning to in this day age age. No matter what their motivation is, it is extremely marketable. Nearly 20% of adults aged 18-29 said they are willing to pay “significantly more” for green goods and a whopping 76% of the millennial age group (which includes those 18-29) want brands to be ecologically conscious. If we dive deeper into the millennial demographic, you’ll notice that the consumer group accounts for 80 million individuals, which spend roughly $200 billion a year. Millennials have a major influence on the economy, which is why many companies are adding “green” product lines and/or services.

Understanding a market and their needs is important for growing one’s business. As a result, we have conducted some research and found a few benefits as to how trade show products can take advantage of the green marketplace.


  • Today’s display solutions are finding innovative ways to ensure the products are built in a sustainable way. Several portable trade show displays consist of advanced aluminum structures. Some banner stands include bamboo, too. For example, we carry the Accolade premium sign holder, which is made from bamboo. These two features reduce the amount of plastic waste being generated and make them eco-friendly choices.
  • Nowadays, trade show displays and banner stands are much, much lighter in weight. That means there is less material going into the design of the products. And on top of that, the products are easily folded, which makes shipping them a lot easier and more efficient for storage.
  • Most trade show displays support low voltage spotlights and LED bulbs. As a result, the lighting solutions are a bit more environmentally friendly than their predecessors.


  • Because our trade show displays are high quality products, they are extremely durable and last through several seasons of trade shows. In fact, we stand by our work. Our display hardware comes with a lifetime guarantee. And as mentioned earlier, our products are lightweight, strong, and can be easily folded and transported. As a result, you can take your trade show accessories to and from an exhibit with ease and reuse them as long as you’d like.
  • All designs have a mortal lifespan. Design trends from 5 years ago are completely different than the trends of now. But don’t worry. Most trade show products can updated with new pieces, fabrics, and graphics without having to buy an entirely new product or frame. If you’d like to edit an existing product of yours, give us a call immediately and we can figure something out.


  • Perhaps you bought a booth or banner stand that wasn’t the correct size or look you had originally hoped for. That’s not a problem. The materials used in several of today’s displays are recyclable and should be correctly marked in catalogues.

The next time you are going to buy a trade show product, do your research and try to find what kind of materials are used. A lot of the inexpensive booths and banner stands you come across are extremely poor quality, look bad, and are not environmentally friendly. National Trade Show Displays is proud to sell its products because we know they are the best out there and they will last several uses. If you have any questions on, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to help!

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