Trade Show Charity Competition

During the Month of November, National Trade Show Displays had their second trade show charity competition, giving four charities a chance to win a large display.

The four charities that decided to participate were DCET (Debes Creer En Ti), Cedar Hill Shares Food Pantry, LIFT (Literacy Instruction for Texas), and Don’t Forget to Feed Me. These four charities were competing to try to win a Quickwall Banner Stand Display, which would help these charities advertise their services when they attend events & fundraisers. We wanted more people to benefit from their services and learn about what they have to offer. We invited these charities to participate because of their dedication to improve the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex community through a number of different services.

The Competition began on November 4th and supporters of these charities were allowed to vote until November 18. In the end, the charity with the most votes was DCET (Debes Creer En Ti).

1st place Winner: 


Debes Creer En ti, which is the Spanish acronym and motto for their community learning centers, translates to Believe in Yourself. DCET provides “Educational, mentoring and Cultural programs for the social and economic well being of Hispanic youth and their families.” They have been a charity that has been around for many years, helping people improve their literacy skills. Speaking with the founder of the charity, we learned that the charity plans to use their display for their many events throughout the year, such as their Cinco De Mayo fundraiser and the Folklorico Leadership for Youth Workshop. We are very happy and excited for them as they will be able to reach more people with their large display!

We want to thank to everyone that voted and supported these four wonderful charities and hope to do this competition again in the future!


Because it is a charity competition, we didn’t want any charity to leave empty handed.Therefore, the charities that participated will still receive a table top banner stand.

If you would like to learn more about the other charities, you may contact them directly:

Cedar Hill Shares Food Pantry: Cedar Hill Food Pantry is a community-wide effort to alleviate hunger by pledging to provide food and other assistance.

LIFT (Literacy Instruction for Texas): LIFT enhances lives and strengthens communities by offering adult literacy classes, GED Classes, ESL Classes, and family literacy programs.

Don’t Forget to Feed Me: Don’t Forget to Feed Me is a pet food bank that provides pet food for those in need during challenging financial times so that the owner does not have to surrender or abandon their family pet.


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