Trade show game ideas to attract attendees

If you’re looking for unique ways to attract attendees to your booth, try these different game ideas. They’re sure to entertain attendees while creating a positive impression of your company. Plus, the more people that are at your booth, the more opportunities you’ll have to introduce them to your brand and products.

Social Media Contests

These are our favorite types of contests because they require very little prep time, they help with your online presence, and you can do it on a budget.

  • Selfie Contest: Attendees take pictures with you or at your booth and upload them to Twitter/Facebook/Instagram and use the hashtag you created. This will enter them into a raffle and you can announce the winner at the end of the day. Try to have a large prize that people will want to compete for. 
  • Best Tweet Award: Browse over the tweets of the trade show and give a prize to the person that had the most original, funny, or creative tweet.
  • Sharing is Caring: Post something interesting about your company and the people who retweet or share your post will be entered into a raffle. It is very simple and it will allow you to reach a broader audience thanks to those that shared your information.

Business Card Drawings

  • If there’s one thing we can guarantee is that almost every person walking around the trade show will have business cards. Have a fish bowl where attendees can drop off their business card for a chance to win a large prize. This is a great way to get new leads because it is easy, non intrusive, and you’ll have the contact information for business people from different companies. 

Business Card drawing at trade shows

Spin wheel

  • If you’re able to afford different swag items (such as shirts, water bottles, key-chains), put up a spin wheel.  Attendees spin a wheel and they win whichever item it lands on; this is a crowd favorite because it guarantees a prize.
  • If you are on a budget you can offer different incentives as well, such as different discount amounts.
  • Purchase a spin wheel that you can label yourself or that allows you to change out the graphics, this way you are able to use it over and over again as you switch out the merchandise. 


Counting Games

  • We’ve all seen this approach, there’s something in a container and you have to try to guess how many are in there, such as jelly beans or M&M’s. You can try to personalize it and put in objects associated with your company or with the theme. For example, you can put dice or casino chips if it’s a Vegas theme. 

Trivia with a Twist

  • Hire someone to walk around the trade show and ask attendees trivia questions. If they guess the correct answer, give them a ticket with your booth number where they can redeem the ticket for a prize. This will encourage more people to go to your booth. 
  • If there’s a theme, you can also hire an impersonator or a fun character. For example, if there’s a Vegas theme, you can have an Elvis impersonator walking the aisles to promote your booth.

Photo Booth 

  • Although Photo Booth’s aren’t “games,” they’ll definitely help attract people to your booth. Photo Booth’s are still extremely popular because although we take lots of pictures on our cell phone’s, we usually don’t have an actual print. Those that stop by to take a picture are more likely to spend additional time at your booth.
  • Have different props for people to pose with, you can even have your a logo or mascot cut out for them to hold.
  • Margarent Colebeck from Vantage Advertising says, “Print out photos. For branding purposes, make sure that your company’s contact information or, at the very least, your brand’s name is printed on the photos.”  When attendees see that photo in their office or at home, they’ll associate that picture with your company which builds brand recognition.

use photobooth a trade shows to attract exhibitors


Additional Tips:

Showcase your game and the winners. , the marketing specialist for VerticalResponse says, “Take a picture of your contest winner and post it to your website and social media pages with a caption like, “Susie just won an ipad by playing bean bag toss at the XYZ trade show with Your Company Name.” This will show other users that you’re giving away prizes and might attract some extra people.

Have a closer prepared. By using games, you’ll hopefully attract more people to your booth, however, it’s what you do at your booth once those people are there that counts! Don’t smother them with information but definitely take the opportunity to give them a demo or explain your products- take advantage of the traffic flow to collect leads or to make some sales! 




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