How to Trade Show Like A Pro

Being an exhibitor at a trade show is one of the best ways to promote your business to your target demographic. Research also tells us, that trade shows are one of the number one sources for decision makers. And why wouldn’t they be? At trade shows you’re able to interact with both your potential customers, as well as, see what your competition is up to.

With 10+ years of experience in the trade show industry, we know how to create the best investment for you.
Here are our personal recommendations to survive your next trade show:
Set Personalized Goals: What do you hope to achieve from this show? We recommend setting specific metrics (e.g., 200 leads, $2,000 in sales, or 3 wholesale orders) upfront so you can assess whether you’ll do the same show again next year.

Decide What to Display: Anyone in the trade show industry will tell you that this is one of the most important decisions. You have several options: New items or collections, your most popular items, your most unique items, your highest margin items, the most seasonally relevant items, or the highest inventoried items you have. Aside from your brand, another thing that will set you apart from the next vendor is having and focusing on a single theme. Themes are so important to distinguishing yourself!

Grab Their Attention: Ensure there is a unique visual appeal to your exhibit. And don’t forget about the lighting, sound, and any interactive elements you may have (ie, a computer or a TV). Consider having a place for conversation, and don’t forget to bring material that you can hand out (aka swag).

Tell Your Story: This isn’t the time to be modest! Make every conversation count. Practice giving a 30-second introduction to pull customers walking by your booth in. It should include:
• The problem you or your product can
• Don’t forget to explain how it’s better than the competition’s product
• The benefits of your product or service

Capture Contacts & Follow-up: Your priority is to get a sale, and your second priority is to get as many qualified names (leads) as possible. We recommend renting one from the show you’re attending, it’s super easy and they export the leads to a file for you at the end of the show.

Show Off Your Hard Work: Take photos of your trade show booth with customers around it, and don’t forget to share these on social media.
Analyze, Analyze, Analyze: Compare your actual results against your goals. Overall, give this investment a score. Recap any feedback or objections from the people that visited your trade show booth. Revise your sale story if required. Think about what the competition is doing and what it means for your business or product strategy.

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