Trade Show Success Begins with the Right Venue

In order to get the best possible ROI for your banner stands, pop up displays and trade show booths, you need to know your venue.  From industry trade shows to community fairs, any number of venues could meet the marketing goals of your trade show booth or banner displays, but to really pump up the marketing impact of your pop up display you will want to ask:

How is the show being promoted?

You’ve invested in eye catching graphics for your banner stands and pop up displays, but until they catch the eyes of you target audience, the investment won’t pay off.  Poorly promoted exhibitions and trade shows may have you setting up your trade show booth on a sparsely populated floor.  Contact the venue or convention organizers beforehand and inquire about their marketing plan.  Will the show be promoted through newspapers, direct mail, and/or radio and TV ads? Is the marketing budget and strategy designed to draw the demographic you seek for your pop up display or trade show booth?

Is there a dedicated website for the show?

The direct marketing benefit of having a trade show booth or pop up display on the convention floor increases when you have access to a central website.  Not only will this allow you to research and contact attendees in advance with invitations to visit your trade show booth, but, after the event, it can be a follow up tool for leads obtained during the show.  In addition, a dedicated website gives the assurance of good communication with the venue and organizers.  If the venue doesn’t permit you to park that vehicle in your trade show booth or string helium balloons from your banner stand, you’ll want to know that beforehand.

Will there be incentives for attendees to visit all trade show booths?

Venues and organizers can encourage attendees to visit as many pop up displays as possible during the show by offering incentives, such as a punch card to be marked at each trade show booth visited.  By entering completed cards in a prize drawing the venue encourages attendees to stop by as many pop up displays as possible.

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