What Should You Include in Your Trade Show toolbox?

For this blog, our team sat down and combined our knowledge and powers to share the things we’ve learned attending trade shows over the years, with you. One topic that kept coming up, was how the industry has changed over the years, but being prepared never goes out-of-style. What’s in our trade show tool kit? Well, after years of experience, we have learned. 
Here is an overview of what our trade show tool kit consists of today:

• Aspirin/Tylenol
• Band-Aids
• Booth Flooring, we prefer a carpet vinyl
• Box Cutters
• Business Cards w/Card Holder (if you plan on displaying your cards)
• Calculator
• Double-Sided Tape (just in case)
• Water and snacks (so you don’t have to run to those expensive concessions)
• Flashlight (you never know)
• Name Badges or holders if not provided
• Notepads
• Pens
• Permanent Markers
• Power Strip
• Promotional Pens with a Counter Holder
• Registration Counter(s) (these can typically be rented at a desk for a small day fee)
• Rubber Bands
• Scissors
• Screwdriver(s) (My preference…the flat/Phillips combo)
• Shipping Tape (you can save so much money packing up your own trade show display, and then you know it’s done right)
• Event Registration Forms (Return Shipping & Shipping Labels)
• Shrink Wrap
• Staff T-Shirts
• Walkie-Talkies
• Wastebaskets
• White-Out
• Zip Ties (Various Lengths)

Did you get all that? These are just a few of our favorite things! And like I said, over the years, it’s gone from a simple box that I’d either have shipped there, or knowing me, I’d bring it with me and haul it up to my booth and I would still find myself searching for someone who could help me hunt down the things that I forgot. Not anymore. When attending a trade show as an exhibitor now, I’m prepared and ready to sell my business.

So, tell us, what’s in YOUR tool kit?

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