Are Trade Shows Going Extinct? No!

Industries are changing

Most notably, marketing has changed drastically in the past few decades and much of it has moved to the internet.

Should you be worried?


Most businesses, still maintain a brick and mortar presence in the world. So, as long as you have your storefront, maybe a warehouse, and definitely a spiffy web site, what would compel a person to still attend a trade show? More than you might imagine. So be sure you have a eye catching popup display or a banner stand on hand when the time comes for you to go to a tradeshow in your area.

Now you might be asking yourself, “Why are tradeshows still relevant enough to include in your budget?” A recent study by The Center for Exhibition Industry Research, discovered that 85% of companies polled at the end of trade shows in the past year said they will definitely participate in same number of exhibitions next year, if not more.

So what did these exhibitors find trade shows offer that the internet doesn’t?


The opportunity to differentiate your product

Yes, you can check the boxes on a web site to compare “up to four products.” But even in that situation the consumer is operating in the vast arena of cyberspace and has too many different things that can attract their attention. Trade show attendees say the shows shape their buying decisions because of the rich opportunity to “comparison shop” and really see up-close what the product can do for them. What the prospective buyer wants to know can vary, and some questions may only come up when they hold the product or try it out.

Be sure to have some counter space available for you to place your products on for the consumers to touch and tryout. Some questions may come up after they have tried out some of the other versions. Some may have questions about how your company operates environmentally or even ethically, and your presence is the best way to give them clear and convincing answers to those sorts of questions. Instead of just having them read it on your website, let your popup display show them the answers.

The opportunity to demonstrate your product

Seeing is believing.

On the internet consumers can talk themselves out of a purchase simply from lack of information (or too much information in tiny print). They can leave with a simple click. But when they see what your product can do and how it can benefit them, the idea becomes more real. The opportunity to educate prospects so they can become customers.

First, grab their attention with an eye catching popup booth or banner stand. Sometimes a person doesn’t realize they could benefit from having something until they learn more about it. Maybe even have a freestanding iPad Stand around so they can virtually interact with your product as well as have it in their hand.

Alternatively, you can save yourself and others time if you determine that they are not going to have much use for your product. In that situation you have the opportunity for extra brownie points by pointing them in another direction, maybe even to another booth on the floor. Remember, what comes around goes around and that other booth can be a new networking partner. The opportunity to meet new customers, customers who may have not even known you and your product existed until seeing your popup display. The atmosphere also helps to establish business relationships that can increase your standing and visibility within your market.

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