Why You Should Speak At A Conference

Conferences and trade shows offer many opportunities for professionals to speak to their attendees. There are a number of benefits that come along with the exposure you get from speaking at a conference, if only one is prepared to step outside of their comfort zone. Here are a few key points on why you should speak at a conference.

According to the Washington Post, the top three fears that Americans have are: bugs, heights and….wait for it…public speaking.

Just the thought of having to speak in front of hundreds of people can make someone run. So why do people put themselves through this?

Mario Hernandez from Media Current says, “I always tell people that, after I finish with my talks, I feel I am the one who benefited the most because I know more about the topic, get to meet great and smart people and my confidence is off the charts.” 

Speaking at a conference (or trade show) can bring a number of benefits that make the experience worth it!

  • Establishes you as a professional.

Anastasia from Entrepreneurial Insights says, “As far as industry-level conferences are concerned, speaking at a conference on a particular subject automatically helps in building credibility because it shows that you are well-versed on the topic of your speech.” There might be other people in the field who are newer than you and don’t have quite as much experience. You’ll be able to offer valuable information and build new relationships. To those people that have been in the industry as long as you have, you’ll have a competitive edge over them because they think to themselves, “They must know their stuff or they wouldn’t be the speaker.” You are setting yourself apart and showing others that you are trustworthy and full of knowledge. 

  • It’s great PR for you and your company.

You’ll notice that they announce the speaker on the conference’s website, social media pages, and in the catalogs. It will be hard for people to miss your name, or the company that you’re with. The amount of exposure you will get will be more than if you were just exhibiting at a trade show or simply by attending. Advertising at a conference can be expensive, but you will get this added coverage that others can’t just buy.

  • You’ll learn a lot during the process. 

There’s a lot that goes into being a speaker at a conference and it will make you a better business person.You’ll have to know about your subject, inside and out, and you’ll have to learn the best way to teach people. With every conference you speak at, you’ll learn how to be more confident and to speak to both small and large groups. You’re not only benefiting other people, but you are investing in making yourself more successful.

  • You’ll network.

If someone finds what you said useful, it could open up doors to other business opportunities. You’ll be recognized throughout the conference, which also makes it easier to connect with people. Attendees will be approaching you left and right; instead of you chasing after leads, they’ll automatically come to you.

  • Additional monetary Benefits.

It is not uncommon for the speaker to get extra perks. Many professional speakers get paid very well, but even if you aren’t getting paid, they’ll probably offer you additional incentives. For example,they might pay for your hotel & accommodations or cover your transportation fees. They might also treat you to dinners, drinks, or give you additional swag items to take with you.
Being a speaker at a conference can be a terrifying experience but it could be the tipping point to long term success. Ff you prepare well in advance, know your products, and are passionate about helping others, speaking at a conference (or trade show) can be one of the best decisions you make.

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